Product Features

Unique folding design

Extremely portable and lightweight

Unique folding design

The nomadiQ Grill’s unique folding design makes it sleek and ultra portable while being a powerhouse of a gas grill. Compare the nomadiQ with a high end briefcase for a true outdoorsmen. The biggest difference is that you can grill food on it everywhere… anytime….

Watch how the unique folding design works:


The base of the nomadiQ cleverly doubles as a locking mechanism. While resting the grill on a flat surface, rotate the foot clockwise from the side to open the base and unlock the grill from the base. Place the included drip trays under the grill by aligning them with the notches on either side of the base of the grill. Pull the side knobs outward and twist to unlock the grill from both sides before unfolding.



Pull up and out to unfold the grill and reveal its deceptively large grilling surface.  Attach the included “Y” connector (gas regulator) to the individual gas ports. Use both sides or just one.


Let’s grill! Set the control knobs to the starting position (high) and press the red igniter button to get the flames (and the party) started.

Unique folding design

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