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The nomadiQ Way

How it works

The nomadiQ is ready for use very quickly. Put it down and pull out the supports. This will unlock the two shells and provides stability. Then pull out and turn the knobs on both sides. Open the BBQ by holding both handles, then slowly unfold. If you want to lock the nomadiQ, turn the knobs back on both sides so it stands stable, firm and safe. Don't forget to assemble the supports at the bottom back.

The nomadiQ

Unique Folding design
Portable Gas Grill

Enjoy the best quality and features by nomadiQ

The nomadiQ is smart, stylish and practical and can therefore be used anywhere, on the balcony, in the park, for a weekend or while traveling. Thanks to an ingenious folding system, it is still large enough to have a BBQ with at least 12 friends.
Certified for the Canadian Outdoors

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The nomadiQ works on gas and is ready for use within 3 minutes, due to the two separate temperature zones suitable for meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. The nomadiQ is made of high-quality aluminum, making the BBQ not only lightweight, but also cools down very quickly after use. So Grab-n-Go if you are surprised by a sudden weather change.
Top Notch Features

Why Choose the nomadiQ

We are real outdoor people and epicureans. When the weather is nice, we like to go out. Escaping from the hustle of the city or on a short vacation. Eating together with family and friends. On a balcony, in the park, on a boat, at a campsite or on the beach. We love to BBQ everywhere!

Lightweight & Portable

The BBQ weighs only 5.6 kg and comes with a shoulder strap.

Unique Folding Design

The nomadiQ Grill’s unique folding design makes it sleek and ultra portable.

Temperature control

Dual Grilling

Dual temperature control to grill one side at a time.

Propane gas

Quickly connected to a 1lb portable propane gas supply.

Easy to Clean

Easy to clean ceramic PFOA/PTFE free non-stick coating.


Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.


Customer Reviews

The goal seemed simple. We wanted to have a portable gas grill that is easy to use, safe and nice to look at. After a long journey of designing, shaping, engineering and testing, we finally got the work done. We're proud our customers worldwide are satisfied.
We love the way it simply transforms into a small size to transport. Initially we bought it for our RV because of its compact size, but now we’re also using it to prepare a quick bite at home.
Jack Davis
Cooks better then larger grills that I have come across over 20+ Seriously cooks food to perfection. Heat is distributed evenly throughout and doesn’t stick.

Derek Kissinger
No Concessions Whatsoever

Technical Specifications

With less than 6kg (13lbs) you can be nomadic everywhere. While fishing, hunting or gathering for other sources of food, during a road trip or in your RV. It also can be used on your dinner table. To ensure portability it connects to a 1lb cylinder that provides well over 2 hours of grilling experience.
Dual grates

Dual side grilling.

Two lightweight die cast aluminum grilling grates. Supplied with a durable ceramic PFOA/PTFE-free coating.

Dual side temperature adjustment

Each side on the nomadiQ BBQ can be adjusted individually. Means you can adjust your temperature up to 300°C (575F) and grill different types of food at the same time.

Stainless steel burners

Two stainless SS304 steel burners. With 4,600 BTU on each side, and combined power of 9,200 BTU. the nomadiQ Grill is sure to cook your food evenly and quickly. Although it is small in size, it will cook like a full-size grill. This grill is fuelled by propane.
Locking knobs

Locking mechansim.

Any time you fold or unfold the BBQ you first unlock the folding mechanism by pulling and turning both knobs. The same for the feet. Pull and rotate them. Do it in reverse if you want to assemble it back together.
Drip Tray

Drip trays

The nomadiQ BBQ comes with two drip trays that fit into the slots on the unfolded feet.

Igniter button

Connect your gas supply. Turn the button to max. Press and hold the igniter button for 1 or 2 seconds.
nomadiQ hose assembly propane cylinder

Gas connection

The nomadiQ BBQ is designed to work with 1lb propane cylinders. Widely available at any hardware or outdoor store, supermarket and most gas stations. One canister will connect to both sides.
Grill Everywhere!

Unleash your nomadic Life

Unlock it, unfold it, connect & grill everywhere! If it takes more than a minute, you are doing something wrong.