Taber Corn on the BBQ: 6 Sweet Parts

Corn on the Cobb

Sweet Taber corn on the BBQ

There’s nothing better than freshly picked corn on the BBQ, or better said; ‘grilled corn on the cob’.

Corn on the cob is a culinary term for a cooked cob of freshly picked maize of sweet corn. With the following recipe, we will guide you through a few simple steps to make this delicious and healthy snack on your grill.

To native Albertans, Taber is something special – it’s the home of the best corn in the world. Taber corn is so craved that knock offs are sold at roadsides across Alberta. Also a beautiful little town in the midst of the Albertan prairie  where you can experience the nomadic lifestyle. Obviously it’s the best variety fro grilling fresh corn on the BBQ.

The ingredients that you will need to make corn on the bbq for 4 persons are;

  • 4 (fresh) Taber corn if you can get your hand on them, else use fresh sugar corn.
  • 25gr of unsalted butter
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt

Corn & Chili

Optional for corn on the BBQ

  • 8 slices of thin bacon
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (or maple syrup)

Sweet corn is the most common variety of maize eaten directly off the cob. Start by removing the husk leaves from the cobs. Cut the cobs in half and cook them for about 5 minutes in boiled water.

A nice fact of corn cobs is that the fresher the cobs are, the sweeter these will taste. It takes only a single day for cobs to lose up about 25% of its sweetness.

While you let the cobs cool down for a minute, setup your nomadiQ grill in the meantime and let it preheat what will only take a minute or 2. Put a skewer into the ends of each cob, as this will allow you to gently turn them around when grilling the corn on the bbq.  Now that the nomadiQ is preheated, place the cobs on the grill and turn them around every 2 – 3 minutes. After 15minutes your cobs should be perfectly grilled. As a finishing touch, rub the corns with butter and put a pinch of salt on it, if you like to give a little savoury taste.

An additional option is a dish called; ‘corn wrapped in bacon’.  To prepare this nice upgrade of your corn on bbq recipe, first rub your cobs with honey or maple syrup and wrap them in bacon. This needs to be done, just before you start grilling the corn on bbq. If you’re fully into maple syrup, also find more recipes that a maple syrup based, on our maple syrup page.

When you’re done grilling corn, shut off your nomadiQ grill and let is cool down for several minutes. Dismantle the gas hose assembly from its quick connectors on each side. Follow the quick & easy cleaning steps under the maintenance chapter.

Corn on the BBQ

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