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nomadiQ Grilling Grates


These nomadiQ grilling grates can replace your original ones. They will fit in any nomadiQ BBQ. Consider to extend your grill-abilities and get a nomadiQ griddle.


nomadiQ Regulator, Hose & Connector Assembly (replacement)


This nomadiQ regulator “Y-shaped” hose assembly is compatible with the nomadiQ Portable BBQ. It connect directly to 1lb propane gas cylinder.

nomadiQ Drip Tray


These nomadiQ Drip Tray are a replacement of your original ones. They will fit under any nomadiQ BBQ.


nomadiQ Shoulder Strap


This nomadiQ shoulder strap can replace the original one if your is damaged or lost. They will fit on the locking knobs of any nomadiQ BBQ.